The Ecogrow advantage

Engineered using the science of nature, the Ecopower ECG Grow Light and ECGL Linear Grow Light are designed to replace outdated fixtures that under-deliver on PAR (photosynthetically active radiation), such as Dual End Bulbs, Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS). Our proprietary Made In Canada technology allows for vegetative and flower growth in one spectrum: full natural sunlight. Increase yields using our proved PPFD FullField™ Coverage - engineered Ecopower fixtures with EcoGROW Technology provide proven 15% greater yield, shorter ripening times and denser growth, and offer 500-1000x return on investment with paybacks in under two years. For more details, see this article in GreenhouseCanada magazine written by our president, Brian Webber. As a recognized partner in the horticultural industry in North America, Ecogrow is internationally compliant, safety certified, and field results proven. Carrying an IP65 rating (with cover) for greenhouse growth (IP40 indoor, without cover), it can withstand 4500 PSI washdown and 100% humidity.

For even further information, download this free whitepaper on the science behind PPFD

Shifting the conventions of horticultural LED lighting free PDF download

Fixtures with Ecogrow Technology can save over 50% in energy costs and reduce heat by 50%, thus lowering energy and environmental control costs. A horticulturists dream, carrying a 6 year warranty, a best-in-class 210,000 hour Samsung LED Engine, and 90%+ output for 9+ Years. Using NVLAP 3rd party lab data, Ecopower certifies light output and is the only North American manufacturer to do so over 9 years.[1]

Engineered LED Solutions

Bed coverage covers 25ft2 in flower or a 5x5 bed, and over 64ft2 or an 8x8 bed. Full spectrum fixtures with Ecogrow Technology provide a distinct advantage over red/blue LED grow lights – the power of the Sun, and Horticulturists agree. The daily light integral (DLI) is a function of photosynthetic light intensity and duration (day) and is usually expressed as moles of light (mol) per square meter (m−2) per day (d−1), or: mol·m−2·d−1. In other words, DLI measures the number of photosynthetically active photons (photons in the PAR range) accumulated in a square meter over the course of a day.[2] Typically horticulturists look for 2000+ when growing plants in a 16ft2 to 64ft2 bed. Ecopower Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights with Ecogrow Technology provide 2100mols at .5m, and our recommendation is 600w for every 16ft2 for professional grow operations.

Certified results

There are many manufacturers that publish almost too-good-to-be-true product specs. Our specs are NVLAP lab certified, and our photometric engineering team is IES certified. For all verified applications over 10 units Ecopower will provide a PPFD engineered study of the application and typically will certify a percentage of energy, maintenance, and HVAC savings for each application where sufficient current maintenance records and engineering data exist.