The power of light

Light is utilized in living organisms in two ways — energy derived from the photon to facilitate photosynthesis, and the information that is derived from photo receptors that effect how a plant grows and when it grows.

Knowing this, it is important to study the effect of light spectrums, and specifically both the blue and red nanometer spectrum, on specific plant structures. The Sun is monolithic in its delivery of photons to the surface of our planet, and plants have learned how to use specific receptors to maximize its energy. It is therefore crucial to utilize this knowledge when designing specific lighting products for indoor no-sun and sun-assisted growing.


Current LED technology allows fixture designers, horticulturists, plant biologists, and agricultural scientists to study the effects of specific tailored photomorphogenic responses such as chlorophyll absorption, pigmentation, and the accumulation of anthocyanin. Ecopower works with these researchers to develop and integrate Ecogrow Technology into their grow light products and bring to market the most up to date LED agricultural advances. Whether it’s a commercial marijuana grow facility, a sun-assist application, or a dark grow application, Ecopower's team of fixture designers can provide the best solution for your needs.

Certified results

There are many manufacturers that publish almost too-good-to-be-true product specs. Our specs are NVLAP lab certified, and our photometric engineering team is IES certified. For all verified applications over 10 units Ecopower will provide a PPFD engineered study of the application. Using our PPFD FullField™ Technology, our clients experience higher yields, shorter ripening times and denser vegetation. Our engineering group of P.H.D.s, P.Engs, and AI Control scientists can provide water, nutrient, soil, pesticide, air composite and lighting controls for the ultimate in crop yields and stepped DLI photon control during sun/cloud intervals.